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With over 30 years of sports, dance and movement study and more than 14 years of bodywork and Pilates teaching experience, Sharon Gallagher has an experienced, holistic and innovative approach to the Pilates method. Through her extensive studies with Pilates elders, master instructors and healers, she has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the classic repertoire, modern variations, rehabilitation techniques, and a gift for cueing and seeing subtleties of movement. Sharon’s approach as a Pilates instructor is greatly influenced by her movement training in Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Aerial Dance, and sports. Currently a professional dancer, and eternal student of movement, Sharon continues to evolve her understanding of biomechanics through her students, peers and continued studies. In 2012, she graduated from the Masters Program at the Pilates Center of Boulder, CO.
In her role as an instructor trainer and mentor she has served as the Head Trainer for Instructor Education at Ellie Herman Studios (now EHS Pilates), and continues to offer workshops through EHS Pilates Department of Continuing Education. In 2006, Sharon developed the Sanchez Street Pilates Teacher Training Program with Carol Le Maitre, which has prepared some of the most sought after teachers in San Francisco and beyond. In 2012, their Training Program officially became Pilates Education Lab and is highly respected for it’s commitment to quality instruction.